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  • Boreczek Brick Block and Stone
    Added by BaggaG 2019.05.17
  • Bloomex Cambridge Flowers & Gift Baskets
    Added by Carol 2019.05.04
    Received one of your "chocolate" gift baskets and every item was A-one. I've just ordered flowers to be delivered to a sick friend and trust that they will be just as perfect.
  • TutusTux And Stilettos
    Added by Baily 2019.05.02
    Our kids had a wonderful time
  • Linda's Mini Mart
    Added by Coop 2019.04.30
    Your wedges are a piece of shit gave me food poisoning customer service was absolute garbage.
  • Linda's Mini Mart
    Added by Pop 2019.04.30
    Food is great, but there isn't enough dolly wedges. I want more dolly's
  • Paul's Superette Sales Ltd
    Added by Cat 2019.04.26
    April 25, 2019 For Creston BC Canada, Paul's Superette is your depot. These two women that were running the store were nothing but rude, bully tactics, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable and like a criminal; like I did something very wrong. Man...just to pick up a package. I was asked coldly for ID. I presented it. THEN, the old woman wanted to know my address. I gave some of it which wasn't satisfactory which seem to provoke her. She raised her voice and said, "What is your street?!!!" Are you kidding me? Taking ID isn't enough, you got to be put through the ringer too. She freaked me right out ... like I was some sort of criminal. I had to empty the box and put in my carrier as the box wouldn't fit in it. So...I emptied it. The other woman and with a forced snotty like tone said 'We don't keep boxes but we will this time' real rude and abrasive. Holy shit. Say what? You can see I'm walking, I can't carry the box and the carrier home. What would be the point in emptying the box and what was the big 'f'n deal in disposing the box there? I took the box and tossed it out the door...and proceeded home. I had enough of being crapped on. Nobody deserves to be treated like that without reason and there was zero reason for their behavior. I did nothing. I was not rude to them at all. I'm sure Purolator can find a better depot than these bullies. I will never use Purolator because of this issue with Paul's Superette gistapo with those who run Paul's Superette. Who needs the grief and to be treated like that SO badly. It was like I was putting them out so much to do their job so they needed to abuse me. Sorry...this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and uncalled for. You want to keep using Paul's Superette, that is your business but I won't use Purolator because of Paul's Superette. Just so you know...this is how they treat your customers.